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hay and bedding

Hay & Bedding

stable and farm supplies

Stable & Farm Supplies

horse feed and supplies

Horse Feed & Supplies

pet and livestock feed

Pet & Livestock Feed

Horse Feed and Supplies

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Farmers & LMF Feeds

Gentle Balance
Linseed Meal
LMF Development
LMF Gold Mix
LMF Low-Carb Complete
LMF Performance
LMF Senior
LMF Showtime
LMF Stage 1

LMF Super Supplement
Rope & Ride
Shredded Beet Pulp 40#
TDI 10
TDI 16
TDI Competition Conditioner
TDI Safe 'N Sure
TDI Senior Horse
Wheat Bran

Nutrena Feeds

All In One
Beet Pulp Pellets
Bermuda hay pellet
Black oil sunflower seeds 50#
Calf Manna
COB dry 50#
COB wet 50#
Crimpled/Rolled Oats
Empower Balance
Empower Boost
Equine Shine
Flax Seed

Life Design Senior dry
Life Design Senior w/ mol
Malting Barley
Recleaned Oats
Recleaned whole Corn
SafeChoice Original
SafeChoice Perform
SafeChoice Special Care
Southwest Choice Premium Senior
Soybean Meal
Timothy Hay pellet-MS

Purina Feeds

Black Oil sunflower seeds
Country Acres Horse Sweet 12
Enrich 12
Enrich 32
Equine Adult
Equine Junior
Equine Senior
Horseman's Edge
Miniature Horse and Pony
Omolene 100 Pleasure
Omolene 200 Performance
Omolene 300 Growth

Omolene 400
Omolene 500
Race Ready
Rolled Barley
Rolled Corn
Strategy Healthy Edge
Vita Bran Hi Fat
Vita Bran Joint Care
Wellsolve L/S
Renew Gold

Elk Grove Milling

Alfalfa Cubes
Alfalfa Pellets 1/4
Alfalfa Pellets 250#
Cool Stance
Cutter-Roper Mix
Elk Grove Pallets
Forage Pellet Barrels-EG
Forage Pellets- EG
Oat Hay Pellets 250#
Oat/Alfalfa Cubes

Oat/Alfalfa pellets
Rice Bran Pellets 50#
Shredded Beet Pulp 25#
Stable Mix
Stable Mix 250# Barrel
Stable Mix G & C 250#
Stable Mix Senior
Stable Mix Senior 250#
Stable Mix Senior w/ Gluc
Sunshine Forage Pellets 250#
Sunshine Forage Pellets EG
Timothy Pellets- Elk Grove

Horse Treats & Toys

Apple Wafer Treats
Apple/Oat Purina 20#
Joker's Treats
Luv-It Apple Horse Treats

Mrs. Pastures horse treats
Nicker Makers Horse treat
Stall Snack & Jolly Ball
Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls

Grooming Supplies

Absorbine Refreshmint
Aloedine Medicated Shampoo
Body Wash/Foamer
Corona Shampoo
Cowboy Magic
Eqyss Avocado Mist Detangler
Eqyss Equine shampoo
Eqyss Medicated Spray
Eqyss Micro-tek Med. Shampoo
Farnam Tack Sponge
Fiebing's Saddle Soap
Hydrophane leather dressing
Leather New
Mane & Tail Conditioner
Mane & Tail Detangling Spray
Mane 'N Tail Shampoo

Neatsfoot Oil Pure
Pride & Groom
Quick Silver
Quicksilver Shampoo
Santa Fe - Coat Conditioner
Spray bottle
Super Green
Superpoo Conditioning Shampoo
Supershine Black
Supershine Clear
Vetrolin Bath
Vetrolin Conditioner
Vetrolin Detangler
Vetrolin Green Spot Out
Vetrolin Liniment Gel
Vetrolin Shine
Wonder Blue Shampoo

Horse Blankets Special Order Items

Weaver Leather Tack & horse supplies
Weatherbeeta blanket

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