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hay and bedding

Hay & Bedding

stable and farm supplies

Stable & Farm Supplies

horse feed and supplies

Horse Feed & Supplies

pet and livestock feed

Pet & Livestock Feed

Stable and Farm Supplies

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Seed & Mixes

Perennial Rye Grass Seed
Wheat Seed
Legume Mix
Nyjer Thistle Seed
Rye Grass seed
White Prosso Millet

Hulled SunFlower Chips
Nyjer Thistle Seed
20# Hulled Sunflower Chips
20# HMB pasture seed mix
HMB Pasture Mix w/ clover
Red Oat Seed
Native Seed

Farm & Barn Supplies

Auto Waterer Black-Coated
Auto Waterer Galvanized
Automatic Trough-O-Matic
Baling twine
Boxed Manger Feeder
Corner Feeder w/ Inserts
Dura Cart 11 cu ft.
Dura Flex 6 1/2 gal feeder
Dura Flex Bucket 20 Quart
Dura Flex Bucket 8 Qt duraflex
Dura Flex rubber feed pan 2 Qt
Dura Flex Rubber Pan 4 QT

Dura Flex Rubber Pan 8Qt
Dura Flex Rubber Tub
Dura Flex Rubber Tub 15gal
Dura Mate Auto. Waterer
Duraflex Corner Feeder 26qt
Feed Pan Rubber 3 Gallon
Galvanized Poultry Feeder
Galvinized 5Gal. fountain
Galvinized 8gal. Fountain
Hay Bale Bag
Hay Chaps
Hay Hooks

Lexol Cleaner
Lexol Conditioner
Mounting Block 3 Step
Mouse Trap
Muck Bucket
Muck Bucket Cart
Poly Drum w/ lid
Poultry Waterer 3 gallon
Powder Mountain V feeder
Rolling Hay Bag
Rubbermaid Farm Cart 7.5 C
Salt Block Holder
Salt brick holder Plastic


Equi-Strength Cooper's Best
FDZ Dewormer
Iverchoice Cooper's best
Panacur Paste
Panacur Powerpac
Safeguard Equine Paste 25gm

Safeguard Paste
Strongid C 2X 10#
Strongid C 2X 50#
Strongid Paste Wormer
Tape Worm Tabs

Medications & Vet Supplies

Absorbine Liniment
Alcohol 70%
Aloe Heal Ointment
Aureomycin crumble 50#
Betadine Surgical Scrub
Betadine Vet Solution
Epsom Salt Poultice
Equi-tape Xtra wide
Finish Line U-7 Gastric Aid

Gentle Iodine
Hoof Dressing Gallon
Hoof Dressing- Traileze
Hooflex Natural Liquid
Ichthammol Dressing
Magic Cushion
Nitrofurazone dressing
Nolvasan Antiseptic ointment
Nolvasan S
Opti-Clear Eyewash

Sore no more
Sore No More Gel
Sore No More Poultice
StrongSkin Cream
StrongStep Hoof Care
Thrush Buster
Uptite Poultice
Vetrolin Liniment
Wonder Dust

Rakes, Shovels & Brooms

Broom 35 Blue
Corn Broom
Dura fork metal
Dura manure fork
Dura Pitch 2

Manure shovel
Pitch Fork
Rake 24 poly
Rake 24 spring shrub

Gates, Panels & Farm Equipment

12' Gate 4' high 5 Rail
5' 9" Gate
14' panel 5 rail 5' high
14' Galv. Gate 5 rail
16' Galv. Gate
Gate special order
12x12 Three Sided Shelter
Bow Gate
10'5" Rail Panel
10" bolt thru pins
7' 5rail 4' High LW Tube Gate
6' 5 rail 4' High LW Tube Gat
8' Gate 4' high 5 rail
8' Double Gate Panel 5' high

7' gate, 4' high. 5 rail
12' Panel 5' High w/7'6" truss
4' Galvanized Gate
16' Panel 5' high 5 rail
6' 5 Rail Panel
9' panel 5 rail 5' high
Portable Panels
8' bow gate 8' high
20' panel 5 rail 5'high
Anchors w/ Clamp
15' panel 5 rail 5' high
12X12 Roof
Behlen Country Farm & Ranch equiptment; Gates, Panels, Tanks, Waterers, Kennels
Galvanized Panels 8'-24'
Galvanized Gates 4'-14'
Powder River Gates, Panels, Chutes, Cattle Guards
Powder Mountain Panels, Gates, Horse Shelters, Stalls, Arenas, Chutes, Round Pens

Fencing Supplies

HD Poly Wire
Patriot Fence Charger
Poly electric fence rope
Poly Electric Rope
Poly Tape
Poultry Netting
Red Snapper fence controller
Red Snapper Solar Charger
Zareba Solar Fence Charger
Staples 1 1/2"
Staples-1 3/4"

T-Post cap
T-Post Clips
T-Post Insulator
T-Post insulator w/tape
T-Post Pounder
T-Post Puller
Wedge-Loc Corner brace
Welded Wire
Wood Post insulator small
Wood Post Insulator/Extenders

Fly & Pest Control

Bronco Fly Spray
Country Vet dispensor
Country Vet Metered Fly Spray
Diatomaceous Earth 4#
Diatomaceous Earth 50#
Endure Fly Spray
Endure RTU Spray
Equi-Spot Fly Control
Farm and Home Fly Spray
Fly Spray mister cans
Fly Stick w/ Muscalure
Flysect Citronella Spray 32oz
Flysect Citronella Spray gal
Jacket Trap

Larry's Horse spray
Prozap Farm Fogger
Prozap Insect Guard
Prozap Insect Spray Cattle
Repel-X Concentrate
Repel-X fly spray 1 Qt.
Repel-XP Fly Spray
Resue Fly Trap Disposable
Roll-On Fly Repllent
Swat Clear Ointment
Toad Stick
Tri-Tec 14 Repellant
Ultra Shield
Ultra Shield Green
Ultrashield Repellent Towelett
Wipe Fly Protectant
Yellowjacket Trap

Water Tanks & Tubs

Rubbermaid Stock Tanks
Miller Stock Tanks
Galvanized Round end Tanks

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